The benefits of combining massage with herbal medicine

Both massage and herbal medicine as an individual branch of health care deliver benefits to patients who avail of these methods. Both practices have gained a lot of followers to help their health and improve their life.

Massage is a treatment that people get to relieve body aches and pains, facilitate recovery from injury, and promote rest and relaxation. People go to massage clinics to get their fix and come out feeling fresh and renewed.

Herbal medicine on the one hand are health supplements for the body to help it regain its normal health. There are herbal tablets or capsule taken from organic sources that keep you healthy from the inside. Other herbal medicines come as external applications to help patients.

Today, many massage clinics have combined massage with several herbal medicine applications to enhance the experience and deliver better treatment for their clients. You can notice these in a massage clinic near you.


Many herbs have been used in herbal medicine to promote rest and relaxation in the body just by stimulating the sense of smell. You can really smell herbs brewing around massage clinics now which creates the environment for relaxation.

People who get the benefits of aromatherapy will be more relaxed during a massage. It would really help the massage therapist if the patient is relaxed especially during the massage because it will be easier on them to massage the muscles.

Relaxed patients will also feel the benefits of having a deep tissue massage because the massage therapist will be able to hit the right trigger point to promote relaxation and recovery of the body. It also allows the mind to feel fresh after the massage.

Additional treatment

There are a lot of new products now that can complement the effects of a massage. Some relaxing ointments can be applied during a massage session to make it easier to glide through the body with the hands plus it also has an added benefit of muscle relaxation after the application.

Practices like acupressure have also been used in massage sessions on certain areas of the body that would help faster recovery of that muscle after a massage. Doing so will hasten the recovery process as an added benefit to getting a massage from a qualified massage therapist.

Acupressure for Muscle Soreness – How does it Work?

The Basics

Before we go into the details on how acupressure helps alleviate muscle soreness, not to mention muscular pain, let’s discuss the basics. Acupressure is a method, which is thought to have healing properties. It involves inserting acupuncture needles into the skin on specific parts of the body, known as acupressure points. The rationale behind this is that it stimulates nerves and improve blood circulation. Many testified that they have benefited from this Eastern Method of healing, you may try it, besides, there is no harm in trying because we are Born to Thrive. But there are some risks involved, you have to read on to prevent any untoward circumstances.

The Risks

Not all people can benefit from acupressure. For one it is contraindicated for pregnant women to undergo this procedure. The reason is, it can stimulate labor leading to pre-term birth, which will definitely put both the mom and the infant at risk. Another group of people that should not be involved in this treatment are those who are taking blood thinners or anti-coagulant medication. As mentioned earlier, acupressure involves needle puncture onto the skin. These people may not have enough clotting factors and delay coagulation time leading to profuse bleeding on the puncture sites. There are some other conditions where this procedure is contraindicated, so better consult your physician first before trying this treatment.

Fundamentally, acupressure is perfectly safe if you have no medical condition mentioned above. The only possible downside,  you might be experiencing is minimal bleeding at the puncture site, slight soreness, and even bruising. To avoid such, choose an experienced and legit acupuncturist. And make sure that the clinic you will go to for the procedure uses new, sterilized needles to avoid certain diseases and infection.

Acupuncture as Muscle Soreness Treatment

Muscle soreness has a lot of causative factor, it can be caused by inflammation, certain degenerative diseases, infection and muscle injury due to over exertion, poor lifting technique and the like. So, if you are exercising and weight training, it is advisable to work with a Thrive Personal Trainer to avoid muscle tearing and other physical fitness related injury.

Now the question is does acupuncture aids in the treatment of muscle soreness? Definitely! According to various studies, acupuncture shows significant improvement in muscle soreness and it also rendered other positive results. Why? Acupuncture is proven to enhance blood circulation, improve nerve conduction and it is also known to facilitate lymph drainage – these conditions are said to significantly speed up the healing process. In addition, yet unproven by science, acupressure is also believed to increase pain tolerance, which is very beneficial to people experiencing pain, especially those with severe and chronic ones. Furthermore, certain pressure points in the body are associated with spleen and liver health which are stimulated during a session. According to Eastern Medicine, when vital organs are functioning poorly, people experience various poor health condition that can be debilitating at times. Unhealthy spleen is thought to be associated with muscle soreness and pain, while poor functioning liver aggravates any illness associated with that.

Final Thoughts!

Acupuncture is really an amazing healing method shared by the Eastern world. Sometimes it is a treatment of choice for some of the illnesses or diseases that are not cured by other means. But, to reap  the benefits of this process make sure to go to a certified clinic and seek a licensed and experienced acupuncturist. They are best trained for ancient medicine, that will surely treat various ailments and improve your quality of life.