Where the Practice of Chiropractic Care Started


Have you ever wondered how chiropractor services started? Anything as effective as chiropractor has a long history of study and practice. That is exactly the reason why it has some established best practices and effective cure for all your pains. At Back2Health, we are proud not only of our services but of our heritage as well.

It was Daniel David Palmer who developed chiropractic principles and best practices. The word chiropractic is derived from the Greek word “cheir” which means hand and “praktos” which means done. All in all, the word chiropractic simply means “done by hand”.

But there is more to the art and science of chiropractic care than just the portmanteau of ancient Greek words. Palmer believed that all diseases are caused by subluxated bones and 95% of the time, these are spinal bones. This he believed caused the disruption of innate intelligence. Although his ideas were not tested in actual clinical research, he went out immediately to provide care and healing while at the same time training the first batch of chiroprators.

Subluxation Theory

Palmer, being an avid metaphysicist, believed in the pre-scientific notion that good health is caused by the uninterrupted flow of spiritual force. When the flow is disrupted, illnesses occur. This notion has greatly declined in the 19th century when western medicine took over the healing arena. Although greatly eclipsed, vitalism continued to be practiced in many different form albeit in the background.

A liver disease therefore, is caused by subluxation that compresses the spinal nerve blocking the force that it supplies the liver. This causes the liver to be deprived of innate intelligence. This problem can be solved by fixing the mis-alignment through manipulation.

Although there had been advances in anatomy and neurobiology, this idea of subluxation remained the cornerstone of chiropractic practices and care. Although science failed to show evidence of innate intelligence being true, many continue to believe in its existence and ascribed to its blockade as the main cause of illnesses in humans. Thus, chiropractic care continues to thrive today in the midst of scientific advancements.

The Purists, the Reformers and the Eclectics

From its early days until the present, the discipline and art of chiropractor has always been fraught with internal schisms. The difference is mostly between individual practitioner preferring a certain practice over the other.

Those who consider themselves to be purist or straight chiropractors are those who adhere to the theory of subluxation as proposed by Palmer. They believe that they are the only true chiropractors because they limit themselves to the treatment of blockade of the force or energy throughout the body. Once the innate intelligence is freely flowing, they believe that the body has the capacity to heal itself.

The Eclectic or mixers as they are known in some circles, comprises the majority of chiropractors. They believe in the scientific findings concerning infections and disease but they also uphold the principles laid down by Palmer.

The Reformers consist of a small minority in the chiropractic circle. They totally reject the subluxation theory and limit themselves to the treatment of musculoskeletal symptoms. They attempt to bring chiropractic practices to the scientific realm by rejecting unprovable assumptions in the discipline.

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