How Dentistry Differs with Eastern Medicine

Dentistry as a part of Western Medicine has always followed traditional methods in the past. Practitioners use methods and techniques to directly treat the problem the patient is experiencing whether it’s an oral disease or a mouth injury due to an accident.


The traditional philosophy for orthodontists has been around for centuries which continue to be followed up to this day. Mercury fillings, root canal treatment, and the use of fluoride for cavities as a tried and tested method for a long time to protect teeth and treat mouth diseases.


Dentists who submit to the traditional philosophy will target the symptoms a patient feels for curing. The treatment also directly treats the gums, mouth, and teeth to prevent the oral problem from coming back in the future.


Not all dentists follow the traditional philosophy when treating their patients. Some take a more holistic approach to dentistry. This is heavily influenced by the medical beliefs that Eastern Medicine preaches to it’s followers.


Unlike traditional dentistry where they treat symptoms, eastern medicine enters the world of dentistry by a more holistic approach to dental treatment and oral care. Mouth disease is treated by treating not only the oral cavity but also by making sure the whole body is healthy as well.


As a practice, dentist influence by a more holistic philosophy will make a diagnosis on the root cause of the symptoms a patient feels. There are cases where the pain they feel on their tooth might be related to facial structure misalignments or could be a sign of a more serious disease such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


Dentists not only try to fix the tooth or the hurting gum line in your mouth. They also prescribe additional treatment wherein you are able to improve your health by treating the problematic organ or body part that’s connected to your oral problem.


These treatments might include regular massages, sessions with an acupuncturist, ayurvedic techniques, or some traditional chinese medicine. It is their belief that prescribing these methods will surely help a person’s health and cure the underlying reason for their oral symptoms.


A major highlight for eastern medicine influence in dentistry is the use of herbs and supplements when treating oral problems. Dentists rely on the antimicrobial, antibacterial property of certain herbs to get rid of plaque on the mouth.


Dentists use these alternative methods because they believe that using synthetic products in the oral cavity like fluoride and mercury fillings can cause harm to the body. They treat these chemicals as toxic to the body which may lead to disease in the future.


The herb extracts and organic supplements they prescribe their patients come from natural sources which they trust won’t cause further harm to the body while also treating the oral problems of their patient.


Aside from the topical approach to curing mouth diseases, Dentistry has evolved wherein it adopted Eastern Medicine practices to provide a more holistic treatment. Orthodontists in Vancouver have become known for practicing this dentistry philosophy.


The dentists ensure your health won’t be affected by the topical treatment they introduce to heal your symptoms plus they’ll recommend good nutrition and proper hygiene practices to keep your oral health in check at all times.

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