Health benefits of foam-rolling


Foam rollers are a pretty effective therapeutic tool.  It has great health benefits as it works on important points of your body.  They provide a self-myofascial release to improve muscle activity.  Foam rollers are very practical and easy to store and carry.  The best foam roller is available to you at a very affordable price.  The benefits you will get from it are truly amazing.  The following are only some of them.:

Keeps muscles loose

Foam rolling is very important for athletes and those that practice a sport in a regular basis.  Stretching muscles before strenuous exercise will prevent serious injury. It is necessary for muscles to be loose in order to better perform.  Having relaxed muscles, through foam rolling, guarantees a more efficient and effective exercise.  This has an overall positive effect on health.

Loosens fascia

There is this tissue that surrounds your body organs and separates them from each other.  This lining also covers your muscles. Sometimes, scar tissue forms, causing pain on the muscles.  Foam rolling attacks these trigger points and helps the body get rid of this unwanted tissue.  The soothing of this fascia helps stretch the muscles and keeps them healthy.

Improves blood circulation

As you know, massage helps blood circulation through all your body vessels.  A foam roller applies pressure on your veins, arteries, and capillaries, promoting blood to travel through all venues.  There are several added benefits to a good blood circulation.  There is a more effective exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.  This results in a proper oxygenation on the organs.  Cells with a good amount o oxygen are less likely to cause aging.  But oxygen is not the only substance transported by blood. Nutrients are also transported to the cell and waste is better transported as a result of an improved circulation.  As a result, overall cellular function is improved.

Speeds up lactic return

When your muscles run out of oxygen for respiration due to exercise, it begins to produce lactic acid, which goes straight to your muscles.  Lactic acid causes your muscles to feel sore, cramped, and fatigued. Foam rolling after strenuous exercise can help accelerate the breaking down of lactic acid.

Helps prevent injuries

While performing exercise, your muscles are more relaxed after foam rolling.  This helps prevent injuries during exercise, workout, or a sports event.

Reduces cellulite

Studies have shown that when connective tissue shifts in the skin, it produces what we know as cellulite.  Fat fibers interweave within this tissue, giving cellulite its characteristic look.  Foam rolling stretches connective tissue. This, with the added benefit of improving circulation, makes foam rolling a great and fun way of preventing the formation of cellulite.  Now, this must be combined with a proper diet and exercise.


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