How Organic Sulphur is Used in Eastern Medicine

When it comes to using substances for medicinal purposes, the usual trend is that eastern medicine has just started applying it while it has been used for hundreds and even thousands of years in Asian countries.  It seems like western countries like processed medications instead of the natural ones.  It is probably a matter of trust or convenience.  Nevertheless, organic sulphur is a natural substance that has been well received by eastern medicine due to its proven ability to cure many diseases.  This is how organic sulphur is been used in eastern medicine.

For the prevention of cancer

This is probably the most noticeable and common use for sulphur. The benefit provided is basically that this element allows a better absorption of oxygenation by increasing the permeability of the cell.  The health of a cell is largely determined by the amount of oxygen they are able to obtain. Organic sulfur works in this by increasing the overall permeability.  The cell then has a much lower chance of inflammation.  This translates into healthier cells less prone to getting cancer or any other disease.

Scientists have run tests that prove the effectiveness of organic sulfur found in vitamins biotin and thiamine. It has also being found in antioxidant molecules and enzymes.  It is important to know then that organic sulfur is an important factor in biochemical processes such as metabolism.  Enzyme activity is enabled by the action of this element.  Meaning that a shortage on this substance means that you are at risk of having poor enzyme activities which can become a health problem.

Besides all of the above, organic sulphur repairs, regenerates, and rebuilds the cell as well as eliminating heavy metals.


Organic sulphur has become an important part of most nutrition programs.  In medicine, studies have suggested that sulphur-containing amino acids (SAA) can be recommended to HIV patients, children, or vegan athletes, to supplement a possible deficiency in SAA.

Due to its healing properties, nutritionists recommend the use of organic sulphur for the fast healing of injuries and bladder disorders.  It is also highly recommended as a complement in the diet of athletes, regardless of the type of physical activity they perform.

For a healthier liver

Studies have suggested that in order to preserve a healthier liver, it is necessary to increase the intake of sulphur.  Liver has detoxification pathways which are done effectively by sulfur.  Sulfur also helps to the binding of toxic metals and several other important functions.  Therefore, some doctors will recommend patients to increase their sulphur intake.

Most foods that we intake do not have the necessary amount of sulphur the body needs, therefore it must be obtained in synthetic form. is a leader in the distribution of organic sulfur crystals. They provide crystals in a pure form, perfect for any medical therapy.

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