The benefits of combining massage with herbal medicine

Both massage and herbal medicine as an individual branch of health care deliver benefits to patients who avail of these methods. Both practices have gained a lot of followers to help their health and improve their life.

Massage is a treatment that people get to relieve body aches and pains, facilitate recovery from injury, and promote rest and relaxation. People go to massage clinics to get their fix and come out feeling fresh and renewed.

Herbal medicine on the one hand are health supplements for the body to help it regain its normal health. There are herbal tablets or capsule taken from organic sources that keep you healthy from the inside. Other herbal medicines come as external applications to help patients.

Today, many massage clinics have combined massage with several herbal medicine applications to enhance the experience and deliver better treatment for their clients. You can notice these in a massage clinic near you.


Many herbs have been used in herbal medicine to promote rest and relaxation in the body just by stimulating the sense of smell. You can really smell herbs brewing around massage clinics now which creates the environment for relaxation.

People who get the benefits of aromatherapy will be more relaxed during a massage. It would really help the massage therapist if the patient is relaxed especially during the massage because it will be easier on them to massage the muscles.

Relaxed patients will also feel the benefits of having a deep tissue massage because the massage therapist will be able to hit the right trigger point to promote relaxation and recovery of the body. It also allows the mind to feel fresh after the massage.

Additional treatment

There are a lot of new products now that can complement the effects of a massage. Some relaxing ointments can be applied during a massage session to make it easier to glide through the body with the hands plus it also has an added benefit of muscle relaxation after the application.

Practices like acupressure have also been used in massage sessions on certain areas of the body that would help faster recovery of that muscle after a massage. Doing so will hasten the recovery process as an added benefit to getting a massage from a qualified massage therapist.

Acupressure for Muscle Soreness – How does it Work?

The Basics

Before we go into the details on how acupressure helps alleviate muscle soreness, not to mention muscular pain, let’s discuss the basics. Acupressure is a method, which is thought to have healing properties. It involves inserting acupuncture needles into the skin on specific parts of the body, known as acupressure points. The rationale behind this is that it stimulates nerves and improve blood circulation. Many testified that they have benefited from this Eastern Method of healing, you may try it, besides, there is no harm in trying because we are Born to Thrive. But there are some risks involved, you have to read on to prevent any untoward circumstances.

The Risks

Not all people can benefit from acupressure. For one it is contraindicated for pregnant women to undergo this procedure. The reason is, it can stimulate labor leading to pre-term birth, which will definitely put both the mom and the infant at risk. Another group of people that should not be involved in this treatment are those who are taking blood thinners or anti-coagulant medication. As mentioned earlier, acupressure involves needle puncture onto the skin. These people may not have enough clotting factors and delay coagulation time leading to profuse bleeding on the puncture sites. There are some other conditions where this procedure is contraindicated, so better consult your physician first before trying this treatment.

Fundamentally, acupressure is perfectly safe if you have no medical condition mentioned above. The only possible downside,  you might be experiencing is minimal bleeding at the puncture site, slight soreness, and even bruising. To avoid such, choose an experienced and legit acupuncturist. And make sure that the clinic you will go to for the procedure uses new, sterilized needles to avoid certain diseases and infection.

Acupuncture as Muscle Soreness Treatment

Muscle soreness has a lot of causative factor, it can be caused by inflammation, certain degenerative diseases, infection and muscle injury due to over exertion, poor lifting technique and the like. So, if you are exercising and weight training, it is advisable to work with a Thrive Personal Trainer to avoid muscle tearing and other physical fitness related injury.

Now the question is does acupuncture aids in the treatment of muscle soreness? Definitely! According to various studies, acupuncture shows significant improvement in muscle soreness and it also rendered other positive results. Why? Acupuncture is proven to enhance blood circulation, improve nerve conduction and it is also known to facilitate lymph drainage – these conditions are said to significantly speed up the healing process. In addition, yet unproven by science, acupressure is also believed to increase pain tolerance, which is very beneficial to people experiencing pain, especially those with severe and chronic ones. Furthermore, certain pressure points in the body are associated with spleen and liver health which are stimulated during a session. According to Eastern Medicine, when vital organs are functioning poorly, people experience various poor health condition that can be debilitating at times. Unhealthy spleen is thought to be associated with muscle soreness and pain, while poor functioning liver aggravates any illness associated with that.

Final Thoughts!

Acupuncture is really an amazing healing method shared by the Eastern world. Sometimes it is a treatment of choice for some of the illnesses or diseases that are not cured by other means. But, to reap  the benefits of this process make sure to go to a certified clinic and seek a licensed and experienced acupuncturist. They are best trained for ancient medicine, that will surely treat various ailments and improve your quality of life.

Bone Broth Protein – Gut friendly protein powder, perfect for sensitive stomachs

Although our grandmothers have been doing it for ages, bone broth seems to be the new fad here in the West.  More and more people seem to be jumping on the train of trying bone broth.  Now, of course, new products based on bone broth have arisen.

Given that you are in the workout trend, you probably use some protein as a supplement.  Let us now take a look at Bone Both Protein, a protein powder for sensitives stomachs.

So, what´s up with bone broth, anyway

As you may imagine, bone broth is the liquid resulting from the simmering of animal bones in water.  It could be any bones, really; beef, chicken, or pork will do.  Now, there is a lot of nutrition involved in a bowl of bone broth.

The best part about is that it is easy to digest.  Bone broth contains an interesting concentration of nutrients that include vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins.  There is a claim that states that this amazing source of nutrients has been around for ages.  We are not really sure about that but what we do know is that since ancient times, people have used bone broth as a source of nutrition. Maybe only recently we learned what was the real content of each nutrient.

Some benefits of bone broth

So, having this broth so many necessary nutrients concentrated in a little amount, we can only expect to have important benefits to that.  The best way to enjoy all the benefits of bone broth is to take it on a daily basis. A small amount every day keeps the doctor away. (Yes, we know that apple does that too.)

Some of the benefits of bone broth include:

  • Reduces joint inflammation.
  • Promotes great gut health.
  • Reduces signs of aging.
  • Boosts the immune system.
  • Promotes a healthy sleep.
  • Promotes cell detoxification.
  • Boosts energy.
  • Promotes healthy bones.

Besides the nutrients mentioned before, bone broth also contains important minerals: calcium, magnesium, sulfur, and phosphorus.

The Bone Broth Protein powder

This nutritional broth is now presented in a dehydrated form to provide all the great nutrition in a more convenient way.  So now you get all the great benefits of bone broth in a container that you can safely keep at home.

You might think that this powder is what you put in water, boil, and get a broth.  This amazing supplement can be added to your smoothies, shakes, or into freshly-made juices.  It is very convenient and you can have it even if you are not a fan of broths of any kind.

Give this protein powder a try and give it some time to start reaping benefits.  We are sure you will be pleased.



Preventing Orthopedic Injuries in Sports

We have noticed that many people who are interested in both Eastern and Western medicine are often active individuals who participate in some sort of recreational or competitive sport. After having spoken with these people, many have indicated that their interest in different treatments and medicine came about as a result of an injury or chronic condition.

One other sentiment seems to be fairly common among these individuals as well, and that sentiment is they all wished they could have simply preventing the injury altogether, avoiding the need to search for effective medicine and treatments.

Therefore, we would like to briefly discuss some of the ways that an active individual can reduce the risk of orthopedic injury in sports or during their routine physical activity.


Stretching is a very common method of staying loose and preventing injuries. However, the effectiveness of various types of stretching has come into question, and some interesting evidence is beginning to emerge.

First, many people now find that dynamic stretching is one of the best methods of warming up before activity. This invovles first warming up gentle to get the body warm, and then performing a moving type of stretch. For example, leg swings are probably the most simple type of dynamic stretch. In this case, you would simply hold on to a railing or something else with one hand, and then kick your leg back and forth, in front and behind you. This will work to stretch the hamstrings and quadriceps, while also including a form of propriocetion and and allowing the muscles to become reaccustomed to rapdi fluxuations in contraction and relaxation. Just be careful, you don’t want to swing “hard”. Try ad stay relaxed ad use your muscles only as much as you need to.

After the sporting event or workout, a gradual cool down followed by static stretching is one of the best ways to recover on time for your next activity. Static stretching is the common type of stretchig that most people thik about, for example, a sit-ad-reach stretch for the hamstrigs.


Orthopedic braces are another effective option at reducing the risk of injury; however, these are best used when you have already sustained a previous injury. For exampe, an ankle sprain can permanently loosed the joint and lead to a lifeling higher risk of re-injury. Given we use our ankles anytime that we are on our feet, this can lead to a lot of problems. Therefore, many people find items like ankle braces to give them that extra level of stability while still allowing them to get out and enjoy life.

One thing to keep in mind is that braces will usually vary by degree of inury. If you have previously sprained your ankle, but can run just fine in a forward direction, then you want to balance funcionality with stability. This balance has been best achieved in ankle braces used by soccer players, whereby they have full movement in flexion and extension, but rolling the ankle is more restricted. Basketball is also similar, and in this case, the A2-DX brace has been shown to be highly popular even at the professional level, preventing sprains without hindering more functional movements.


Some people take various forms of medicine prior to physical activity in order to feel ok throughout the day. This can be either a good or bad idea depending on your condition, and is worthy of many articles alone. Very briefly, if you know something seems wrong, and you are using traditional pain mediciation like Tylonal prior to an event, this could actually mask the degree of your injury, and prevent you from seeking formal treatment when you should, so that’s something to keep in mind. If you know the exact extent of your injury, and you are currently being treated for it, then this may not be so much of a problem. More often, other traditional medications like NSAIDs can help reduce inflammation, so these a re a little more functional, but can also mask pain in some cases, which may or may not be preferred.


At the end of the day, as long as you are aware of these types of issues and strategies, you are on the right track. If we lived in a perfect world, this site wouldn’t be necessary, as all injuries, conditions, and diseases would be prevented, but unfortunately that’s not the case. Nevertheless, doing everything you can to maintain your health and prevent injuries will save you a lot of time, energy, and pain in the long run.

Where the Practice of Chiropractic Care Started


Have you ever wondered how chiropractor services started? Anything as effective as chiropractor has a long history of study and practice. That is exactly the reason why it has some established best practices and effective cure for all your pains. At Back2Health, we are proud not only of our services but of our heritage as well.

It was Daniel David Palmer who developed chiropractic principles and best practices. The word chiropractic is derived from the Greek word “cheir” which means hand and “praktos” which means done. All in all, the word chiropractic simply means “done by hand”.

But there is more to the art and science of chiropractic care than just the portmanteau of ancient Greek words. Palmer believed that all diseases are caused by subluxated bones and 95% of the time, these are spinal bones. This he believed caused the disruption of innate intelligence. Although his ideas were not tested in actual clinical research, he went out immediately to provide care and healing while at the same time training the first batch of chiroprators.

Subluxation Theory

Palmer, being an avid metaphysicist, believed in the pre-scientific notion that good health is caused by the uninterrupted flow of spiritual force. When the flow is disrupted, illnesses occur. This notion has greatly declined in the 19th century when western medicine took over the healing arena. Although greatly eclipsed, vitalism continued to be practiced in many different form albeit in the background.

A liver disease therefore, is caused by subluxation that compresses the spinal nerve blocking the force that it supplies the liver. This causes the liver to be deprived of innate intelligence. This problem can be solved by fixing the mis-alignment through manipulation.

Although there had been advances in anatomy and neurobiology, this idea of subluxation remained the cornerstone of chiropractic practices and care. Although science failed to show evidence of innate intelligence being true, many continue to believe in its existence and ascribed to its blockade as the main cause of illnesses in humans. Thus, chiropractic care continues to thrive today in the midst of scientific advancements.

The Purists, the Reformers and the Eclectics

From its early days until the present, the discipline and art of chiropractor has always been fraught with internal schisms. The difference is mostly between individual practitioner preferring a certain practice over the other.

Those who consider themselves to be purist or straight chiropractors are those who adhere to the theory of subluxation as proposed by Palmer. They believe that they are the only true chiropractors because they limit themselves to the treatment of blockade of the force or energy throughout the body. Once the innate intelligence is freely flowing, they believe that the body has the capacity to heal itself.

The Eclectic or mixers as they are known in some circles, comprises the majority of chiropractors. They believe in the scientific findings concerning infections and disease but they also uphold the principles laid down by Palmer.

The Reformers consist of a small minority in the chiropractic circle. They totally reject the subluxation theory and limit themselves to the treatment of musculoskeletal symptoms. They attempt to bring chiropractic practices to the scientific realm by rejecting unprovable assumptions in the discipline.

How Dentistry Differs with Eastern Medicine

Dentistry as a part of Western Medicine has always followed traditional methods in the past. Practitioners use methods and techniques to directly treat the problem the patient is experiencing whether it’s an oral disease or a mouth injury due to an accident.


The traditional philosophy for orthodontists has been around for centuries which continue to be followed up to this day. Mercury fillings, root canal treatment, and the use of fluoride for cavities as a tried and tested method for a long time to protect teeth and treat mouth diseases.


Dentists who submit to the traditional philosophy will target the symptoms a patient feels for curing. The treatment also directly treats the gums, mouth, and teeth to prevent the oral problem from coming back in the future.


Not all dentists follow the traditional philosophy when treating their patients. Some take a more holistic approach to dentistry. This is heavily influenced by the medical beliefs that Eastern Medicine preaches to it’s followers.


Unlike traditional dentistry where they treat symptoms, eastern medicine enters the world of dentistry by a more holistic approach to dental treatment and oral care. Mouth disease is treated by treating not only the oral cavity but also by making sure the whole body is healthy as well.


As a practice, dentist influence by a more holistic philosophy will make a diagnosis on the root cause of the symptoms a patient feels. There are cases where the pain they feel on their tooth might be related to facial structure misalignments or could be a sign of a more serious disease such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


Dentists not only try to fix the tooth or the hurting gum line in your mouth. They also prescribe additional treatment wherein you are able to improve your health by treating the problematic organ or body part that’s connected to your oral problem.


These treatments might include regular massages, sessions with an acupuncturist, ayurvedic techniques, or some traditional chinese medicine. It is their belief that prescribing these methods will surely help a person’s health and cure the underlying reason for their oral symptoms.


A major highlight for eastern medicine influence in dentistry is the use of herbs and supplements when treating oral problems. Dentists rely on the antimicrobial, antibacterial property of certain herbs to get rid of plaque on the mouth.


Dentists use these alternative methods because they believe that using synthetic products in the oral cavity like fluoride and mercury fillings can cause harm to the body. They treat these chemicals as toxic to the body which may lead to disease in the future.


The herb extracts and organic supplements they prescribe their patients come from natural sources which they trust won’t cause further harm to the body while also treating the oral problems of their patient.


Aside from the topical approach to curing mouth diseases, Dentistry has evolved wherein it adopted Eastern Medicine practices to provide a more holistic treatment. Orthodontists in Vancouver have become known for practicing this dentistry philosophy.


The dentists ensure your health won’t be affected by the topical treatment they introduce to heal your symptoms plus they’ll recommend good nutrition and proper hygiene practices to keep your oral health in check at all times.

Tips for a Healthy Heart


If you haven’t put much attention to it, now is the time. You’ve got to find ways to keep the pumping organ of your body healthy. Most of us might have taken for granted the importance of our heart. Not that you are aware of, but you might be doing things that aren’t good enough for your heart. Or worse, you might be doing something to put it at risk.


It’s time for you to think about how you are able to protect your heart and the best things to do to in order to keep it healthy and in good shape. Remember that if you have a healthy heart, you’ve get a chance to stay much longer in this world. Or if not, the other way around.

What to do

Keeping your heart healthy is not rocket science. You can even find many information everywhere, just like the Nightly Nurse which is giving the best suggestions on how to achieve a healthy and well balance body. So what do you do? There are so many things that you can do to have a healthy heart.


You know this right? You know how important it is to do regular exercise to keep your body healthy and fit. But we often become too lazy not realizing its effects to our body. But do you know that as simple as brisk walking for 30 minutes will already help reduce heart attack? You don’t really have to do extreme exercises to have a healthy heart. Most of cardio exercise are simple and it focuses more on proper breathing.


Another thing that most people are taking for granted. What we eat definitely affects our heart. Eating foods rich in omega-3 and fatty acids is great. You should avoid too much salt, sugar and fat intake. As much as possible, go with the healthy option like fish, vegetables and fresh fruits. Make a good meal plan if you wanted to keep your heart in good shape.


smokeDo you smoke? Then that’s a big no-no. One of the top causes of heart attacks is smoking. That’s how harmful smoking to our body. You should also consider your alcohol intake. It might not be necessarily that you give it up. It’s a matter of moderation. And avoid taking too much hard drinks. Switch to red wine, it’s healthier.


You might not know it, but stress can also be bad to for your heart. If you want to have a healthy heart, then it’s time to think about staying away from stress. It might be your job, your relationship, your way of living, everything. Start taking things easy and choose to be happy every day. You might want to get yourself a good watch for nurses as a gift for yourself. Do something that makes you happy.

The way we live our everyday life will certainly manifest to our body, and worse putting out heart at risk. It’s time to sit down, take a deep breath and try to think about your life. Are you kind of exhausting your heart every single day? Then do something about it!




Eastern Remedies to help you Get Better

With the kind of lifestyle that we have these days, we often take our own wellness and health for granted. We don’t give much attention to it, not until we started to feel ill. Right then we start to find some remedies and cure how to get better.


Health experts have been trying to find the most effective and on point cures for so many illnesses. These days, too many discoveries were made. Medical technology became more and more advanced, giving us the best chances of surviving and extend our lives even.

However, would you believe that with all the latest and modernize medical procedures and treatments available, many people are still believing in the power of the many traditional eastern remedies? Traditional methods in getting better still didn’t lose its rule.

Eastern Traditional Remedies

Many believers would agree, that nothing is safer than taking the traditional medications. For some who are still skeptical about it, they might question about its effectiveness and is it really safe? For kids?

Traditional Eastern remedies come in many different forms and practices. Most of them are considered external methods, which can be considered safer than taking any over the counter medicines. For instance, acupuncture and burning of herbal essence. It doesn’t require digesting anything, but many find the process effective to help them get better.

Some eastern remedies also includes practices such as therapeutic massages, mental exercises and proper posture and breathing. All that don’t require too much effort. It’s a matter of putting your body and mind into its proper alignment, giving you the right wellness that you need. Alongside with these, herbal medicines and supplements should be taken to aid treatments. It is such a natural way to get better.

Health and Wellness

herbsFor naturally active and outgoing people, athletes for instance. They are the ones who need to give much attention to their wellness. Injuries for athletes can be career-ending.

The popular saying, prevention is better than cure is absolutely true through these days. Thinking about your own health and wellness and doing something for it is very important. Do you really have to wait for you to get sick for you to do something about it?

With the use of eastern remedies, you can get constant therapy and treatments to maintain a healthy wellbeing. That would include achieving a good mental, emotional and physical health. Traditional eastern remedies don’t just focus on your physical health, it’s more of your overall wellbeing.

However, it’s important that you only go to trusted therapist and practitioners. Since most procedures are natural and organic in a way, it is important that you go to the right people for help. You’ll be able to find so many eastern medicine professionals around. Know which one works for your needs. However, just like any other treatments, don’t expect to get instant cure. If still skeptical, you can always visit a doctor for further opinion.


Health benefits of foam-rolling


Foam rollers are a pretty effective therapeutic tool.  It has great health benefits as it works on important points of your body.  They provide a self-myofascial release to improve muscle activity.  Foam rollers are very practical and easy to store and carry.  The best foam roller is available to you at a very affordable price.  The benefits you will get from it are truly amazing.  The following are only some of them.:

Keeps muscles loose

Foam rolling is very important for athletes and those that practice a sport in a regular basis.  Stretching muscles before strenuous exercise will prevent serious injury. It is necessary for muscles to be loose in order to better perform.  Having relaxed muscles, through foam rolling, guarantees a more efficient and effective exercise.  This has an overall positive effect on health.

Loosens fascia

There is this tissue that surrounds your body organs and separates them from each other.  This lining also covers your muscles. Sometimes, scar tissue forms, causing pain on the muscles.  Foam rolling attacks these trigger points and helps the body get rid of this unwanted tissue.  The soothing of this fascia helps stretch the muscles and keeps them healthy.

Improves blood circulation

As you know, massage helps blood circulation through all your body vessels.  A foam roller applies pressure on your veins, arteries, and capillaries, promoting blood to travel through all venues.  There are several added benefits to a good blood circulation.  There is a more effective exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.  This results in a proper oxygenation on the organs.  Cells with a good amount o oxygen are less likely to cause aging.  But oxygen is not the only substance transported by blood. Nutrients are also transported to the cell and waste is better transported as a result of an improved circulation.  As a result, overall cellular function is improved.

Speeds up lactic return

When your muscles run out of oxygen for respiration due to exercise, it begins to produce lactic acid, which goes straight to your muscles.  Lactic acid causes your muscles to feel sore, cramped, and fatigued. Foam rolling after strenuous exercise can help accelerate the breaking down of lactic acid.

Helps prevent injuries

While performing exercise, your muscles are more relaxed after foam rolling.  This helps prevent injuries during exercise, workout, or a sports event.

Reduces cellulite

Studies have shown that when connective tissue shifts in the skin, it produces what we know as cellulite.  Fat fibers interweave within this tissue, giving cellulite its characteristic look.  Foam rolling stretches connective tissue. This, with the added benefit of improving circulation, makes foam rolling a great and fun way of preventing the formation of cellulite.  Now, this must be combined with a proper diet and exercise.


How Organic Sulphur is Used in Eastern Medicine

When it comes to using substances for medicinal purposes, the usual trend is that eastern medicine has just started applying it while it has been used for hundreds and even thousands of years in Asian countries.  It seems like western countries like processed medications instead of the natural ones.  It is probably a matter of trust or convenience.  Nevertheless, organic sulphur is a natural substance that has been well received by eastern medicine due to its proven ability to cure many diseases.  This is how organic sulphur is been used in eastern medicine.

For the prevention of cancer

This is probably the most noticeable and common use for sulphur. The benefit provided is basically that this element allows a better absorption of oxygenation by increasing the permeability of the cell.  The health of a cell is largely determined by the amount of oxygen they are able to obtain. Organic sulfur works in this by increasing the overall permeability.  The cell then has a much lower chance of inflammation.  This translates into healthier cells less prone to getting cancer or any other disease.

Scientists have run tests that prove the effectiveness of organic sulfur found in vitamins biotin and thiamine. It has also being found in antioxidant molecules and enzymes.  It is important to know then that organic sulfur is an important factor in biochemical processes such as metabolism.  Enzyme activity is enabled by the action of this element.  Meaning that a shortage on this substance means that you are at risk of having poor enzyme activities which can become a health problem.

Besides all of the above, organic sulphur repairs, regenerates, and rebuilds the cell as well as eliminating heavy metals.


Organic sulphur has become an important part of most nutrition programs.  In medicine, studies have suggested that sulphur-containing amino acids (SAA) can be recommended to HIV patients, children, or vegan athletes, to supplement a possible deficiency in SAA.

Due to its healing properties, nutritionists recommend the use of organic sulphur for the fast healing of injuries and bladder disorders.  It is also highly recommended as a complement in the diet of athletes, regardless of the type of physical activity they perform.

For a healthier liver

Studies have suggested that in order to preserve a healthier liver, it is necessary to increase the intake of sulphur.  Liver has detoxification pathways which are done effectively by sulfur.  Sulfur also helps to the binding of toxic metals and several other important functions.  Therefore, some doctors will recommend patients to increase their sulphur intake.

Most foods that we intake do not have the necessary amount of sulphur the body needs, therefore it must be obtained in synthetic form. is a leader in the distribution of organic sulfur crystals. They provide crystals in a pure form, perfect for any medical therapy.